3 in 1 Car Safety Tool Mini Hammer Belt Window Breaker Cutter Whistle Keychain

Colour: Yellow

3 in 1 rescue tool ideal for emergency use

Design with a keychain for easy carry

Features: mini survival hammer, seat belt cutter, whistle

Material: ABS + Metal

Size: approx. 7.5cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm


1) with using the mini hammer, press the trigger of the firing pin against the side window until it clicks and the window broken

2) with using the built-in cutter to slice the safety seat belt away from danger

Package content: 1 x keychain rescue tool

Prompt: When it cannot back to the original place after the multiple using., we suggest that you hit the blade side to the cumbersome subjects, assisting it back to normal

Warning: Window Breaker is a rescue tool designing for escape with your life from a car emergency. It forbids using in a illegal way. For avoiding any harm from the blade and spike installed, please keep this in a place that is out of reach by the children.



We assume no liability for the use of this product.

Emergency Safety Hammer Belt Window Breaker Cutter

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